Happy Birthday Saif! Your Other Light Happy Mature Movie That I Didn’t Appreciate Enough at the Time, Chef!

I reread my review, and I think I might have been a little too hard on the film. Yes, it was an almost line by line remake, yes some things didn’t really work, but it was harmless, and it had a mature hero trying to figure out how to be a father, and just generally some good stuff we don’t usually see in Hindi film.

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Two Trailers, Two Remakes: Chef and Judwaa 2

Well, this is FASCINATING!  It didn’t hit me until I watched the Chef trailer and then the new Judwaa 2 song right next to each other, but they are both remakes!  In ways that couldn’t be more different.  A sign that the industry doesn’t know if it should look back, or look out for the new hit.

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