Tubelight Review (No Spoilers): Not a Good Movie

The title really says it all.  If you are wondering whether you might want to see this movie, you don’t.  It is not a good film.  If you want me to talk more about how it is not good with spoilers, you can read the other review.  If you want me to talk more about how it is not good without spoilers, you can read on.

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Happy Day Before Tubelight!!! Final News and Predictions (WARNING! Dangerous Cuteness Levels!!!!)

Happy day before Tubelight!  I think I have picked my optimal showtime.  Later show, but closer theater, so I can still be home at a reasonable hour.  Same theater where I saw Bahubali opening night, Sultan for the second time, and Fan opening night.  You will notice from that list that this theater only plays the biggest releases.  Which allows me to make some box office predictions!  Oh, and I also needed to do a post because Salman just released a video of Epic Cuteness.

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