Munna Michael Review (SPOILERS): Made Me Think of the Whole History of Dance Films in India

Well, that was a movie that happened!  So glad I saw it with someone else, by the time we were 5 minutes in, my friend Dina and I were already getting the giggles just by exchanging glances.  But it was kind of neat how it made me think back and really appreciate other better versions. (no spoiler review here) (oh, and I just remembered, I did a post already on the history of dance on film in general, you should read that here)

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Munna Michael Review (No Spoilers): We Laughed and Laughed and Laughed!

Well, that was a super fun movie to watch!  But not because it was a good movie.  Oh my goodness was it bad!  To the point where we got the giggles about it.

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