Music Challenge! American Versus Hindi Versus Telugu, Who Had the Best June 23rd Song?

This was supposed to be a fun easy post for me to write, and then I did WAY more work on it than I expected! I tracked down both a truly awesome American song released on June 23rd, and then every year June 23rd was a Friday, and then a Hindi and Telugu movie released on those Fridays. And now we can have an equitable “June 23rd songs” contest.

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Light Post: Let’s Recommend Songs to Each Other!

Filmilibrarian just said in a comment that she was trying to get back to listening to more music, and we had a nice exchange about the songs we like.  And since I just put up my Ali Zafar post and need something to decompress with, and something to make us all a community even if we disagree, I thought it might be nice to have a little friendly “lets all enjoy stuff together” post.

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