Silly Sunday for Mother’s Day: An Unusual Pregnancy Romance

I was laying in bed this morning thinking about waking up and somehow an old movie that I watched years ago kind of drifted into my mind and I suddenly thought “hey! That would make an excellent and interesting Indian remake for Mother’s Day”.

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Pari Review (SPOILERS): The Primal Fear of All Men Which Leads to the Primal Danger for All Women

Well, that was as draining and difficult as expected.  NOT because it was a fake horror movie, but because it was a fake horror movie that was representing real horrors.  If you are planning to watch it, don’t read on, read the no spoilers review instead.  But if you aren’t planning to watch it and want to join in a fascinating discussion, please do!

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Bahubali 2 Scene by Scene Part 13: The Unluckiest Part

We are now getting into “the scary bit”.  The bit that I had to kind of look at the ceiling and ignore, or actually leave the theater, during.  So forgive me if I move a little faster, and if I forget some parts.  You can fill in, in the comments. (part 12 here, you can go backwards from there)

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