TGIF Repost in Honor of Thugs: Men and Women Emoting With Swords

This is such a good post, totally deserves to be updated and re-used.  Especially so we can all prepare to compare these sword emotions with the Thugs sword emotions.

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Bahubali 2 Scene By Scene Summary Part 14: The Urge to Chop Off Heads Must Be Genetic

You all realize this is the Tuesday Telugu/Tamil post this week too, right?  I still put up a Malayalam post, because I feel bad for my poor Malayalam readers who have so few places to go to read their reviews.  But Telugu/Tamil, you will have to make due with my crawling through the same movie for yet another week. (part 13 here, you can crawl back from there)

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Bahubali 2 Scene by Scene Part 13: The Unluckiest Part

We are now getting into “the scary bit”.  The bit that I had to kind of look at the ceiling and ignore, or actually leave the theater, during.  So forgive me if I move a little faster, and if I forget some parts.  You can fill in, in the comments. (part 12 here, you can go backwards from there)

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