Recommendations Needed! Movies With Bad Bosses, Movies For When You Are Sick, Action Movies for Kids!

I had three separate “what should I watch?” questions on the Monday post, and I want to throw them out to all of you! Let’s crowdsource these suckers.

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Hindi Film 101 One-Off: Thank you for the Netflix List! I Am Stealing It To Write a Post

Do you know about the website  It’s run by a very nice woman who reviewed my book, and is a friend of a friend through moviemavengal (moviemavengal=most socially competent and adventurous person I know!).  Anyway, one of the greatest things on the accessbollywood website is her updates of the Indian films available through Netflix.  I am going to steal her current list, because joyomama asked what I know about each film.  But please keep checking her site just in general, and specifically if you want to see a monthly update to this list!  Oh, and this is today’s Hindi Film 101 post, because it will give you basically a “watching list” of films to stream, which is an important part of learning about Hindi film.

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