Made in Heaven Mini-Review, Episode 4: Dowry and the Value of a Woman

Blech, that voice over has GOT to go!!!!! There’s a great moment in this episode, very powerful, which is immediately undercut by the stupid stupid voice over. This might have been my favorite episode of the series so far, except the voice over just destroys it. (oh, and index of all my Made in Heaven reviews is here)

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Section 377 is No More! Again!!!

This isn’t really “my” victory, because I’m not Indian. I had nothing to do with changing the country and the way people feel, and I shouldn’t even be celebrating really, because there is still so much I should be doing in MY country and I shouldn’t be distracted by celebrating something in another country.  On the other hand, I do care about people in India, so I can celebrate for them and be happy for them.  And then go back to working for my own people.

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