Padmavat Full Summary (SPOILERS) Part 3: A Lot of Filler, and then a Bad Life Lesson

Next part!  I think I am on the downward stretch now.  Partly because there is an awful lot of what feels like “filler” starting with this section.  So I can skip all kinds of things, or at least only deal with them briefly. (full index of Padmavat here)

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Padmavat Review (NO SPOILERS): Intent Versus Effect

I saw it!  Not opening night, but soon enough.  Theater was half full, half the audience was talking and the other half was shushing them, very odd dynamic.  I’m used to all talking or no one, not this mix and match.  Which kind of fit the mix and match I saw within the film.

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Raabta Review (NO SPOILERS): The Romantic Fantasy We Have All Been Craving!!!

I say “all”, but really it’s just a subset of the commentators here.  But a strong subset.  Which includes myself.  I can enjoy an action film or a well-made drama, but there is just something about the big swoony romances with songs and impractical plots and lots of chemistry between the leads.  And this film definitely delivers!

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