IMPORTANT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who is the Sexiest Man Alive, South Asian Edition?

People Magazine is just so smart. Their “Sexiest Man Alive” issue concept is brilliant, and releasing it right before SUPER STRESSFUL Thanksgiving is extra brilliant. Anyway, I am borrowing their idea ­čÖé

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Truth Prevails!

I do love People, but I have highly disagreed with many of their more recent Sexiest Men choices. ┬áChanning Tatum, sure, but Bradley Cooper? ┬áThis year’s choice, David Beckham, I heartily approve of. ┬áSomeone who is legitimately famous, talented, charming, and a good person. ┬áAnd also very attractive in an interesting way.

Of course, I had given up on the true sexiest man alive ever being recognized, and then I saw this poll.

There is justice in the world! (although where is Shahid?)