Super Deluxe Review (SPOILERS): Subtle Misogyny Ruins Visual Fireworks

I’ve been informed that this movie is getting crazy buzz, like “best film of the decade” buzz. Huh. I just don’t see it. It’s good, but it also has major flaws. If you saw it and want some help following the plots, or if you aren’t able to see it but want to know what happens, you can read this review. If you want to go in without knowing what will happen, you can read my other review. Or I guess if you didn’t like this movie, you should also read this review and see if I can articulate what bothered you, if perhaps it is the same thing that bothered me.

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Super Deluxe Review (No Spoilers): Everything is Connected and Everything is Broken

Out of all the movies in the world, I picked this one. Because it started at 7pm, unlike all the other movies I wanted to watch which started at 10pm. It was fate!

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