2019 Thursday Tamil: Super Deluxe, the Movie Everyone Else Loved and I Had Issues

This should be divisive! Or, maybe not. My first reviews were divisive because they were pulling people who really liked the movie, but at this point it’s only going to be us DCIB regulars and I don’t think any of you were super super enamored? Oh, and fun thing about this review, I am combining the short review I wrote immediately which was flattering, with the SPOILER review I wrote after thinking for a day which was far more critical. So you can see my thought process develop over time, ooooo!

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Super Deluxe Review (SPOILERS): Subtle Misogyny Ruins Visual Fireworks

I’ve been informed that this movie is getting crazy buzz, like “best film of the decade” buzz. Huh. I just don’t see it. It’s good, but it also has major flaws. If you saw it and want some help following the plots, or if you aren’t able to see it but want to know what happens, you can read this review. If you want to go in without knowing what will happen, you can read my other review. Or I guess if you didn’t like this movie, you should also read this review and see if I can articulate what bothered you, if perhaps it is the same thing that bothered me.

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