Thursday Tamil: Vettai! Madhavan and Arya in Police Uniforms for 2 Hours. And It’s On Netflix!

This was such a cute movie!  Everyone was just so nice to each other and supportive and not mean.  Even all the family dynamics that in another movie would be the source of much drama and trauma were just kind of laughed off.  By the movie, but also by the characters.  No lingering resentments or quest for vengeance, just a sort of “well, that’s how they are and that’s fine.” kind of attitude.

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Valentine’s Thursday Tamil: 96! A Romance in Two Eras

This is a very well-made movie. And confirms my feeling that Trisha is secretly a brilliant actress, as good as Parvathy, but less likely to be given really good roles (partly because the Tamil industry just isn’t as good for female characters as the Malayalam). And also confirms my feeling that Vijay Sethupathi was put on this earth for women who like big natural bodies and sensitive souls. Oh, and this is a very VERY long review, once I get into the SPOILERS section. Watch out!

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Thursday Tamil: Kaala Review (SPOILERS), the Problem of the White Woman Savior

I already put up the No Spoilers review.  You can read that if you want to avoid spoilers, this is the place to come if you have already seen the movie and couldn’t follow the plot, or want to talk about it, or just want to read what I thought.  This is also the place to come if you read the no spoilers review and don’t think you will ever want to watch this movie but still want to know what happened.  It’s not the greatest film, so that is a decent possibility and I won’t judge you if that is your decision.

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