Global Box Office: Hrithik Versus Reddy

I haven’t done a box office post in ages, mostly because I got so depressed by how well Mission Mangal was doing I couldn’t handle it. But yaaaaay! Two movies I enjoyed and honestly think are good movies are also making money! (as always, figures from bollywoodhungama)

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Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy Review (SPOILERS): The Big Historical Action Epic For People Who Like Big Historical Action Epics!

This is an interesting movie, partly because the plot goes here and there and everywhere. I’m gonna spoil it in this post, but I can’t possibly cover every plot twist, so even if you read the spoilers, the movie will still surprise you. If you want to be completely surprised, you can read this no spoilers post instead.

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Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy Review (No Spoilers): This is How You Use a Large Cast to Tell a Large Story

Well, that was a super fun movie! I missed the first twenty minutes and stayed for the next show, and I was tempted to just stay and watch the whole thing over again. It’s not a brilliant great amazing movie, but boy is it fun to see in a theater on the big screen!

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