Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy Review (SPOILERS): The Big Historical Action Epic For People Who Like Big Historical Action Epics!

This is an interesting movie, partly because the plot goes here and there and everywhere. I’m gonna spoil it in this post, but I can’t possibly cover every plot twist, so even if you read the spoilers, the movie will still surprise you. If you want to be completely surprised, you can read this no spoilers post instead.

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Monday Malayalam: Bhaskar the Rascal, Finally a Mature Love Story!

What a cute movie!  Which charmed me so much that I had to put up a post yesterday describing the whole thing so that people could see how perfectly it could be remade as an SRKajol movie.  Or really, in any industry with any star couple.  There are so many talented mature actors, and so few scripts for them!

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