Dabangg 3 Review (SPOILERS): Sudeep Versus Salman, Plus a LOT of Filler

If you watched the trailer and thought “I think I can guess the entire plot of this movie”, you are correct! You can guess the entire plot of the movie. But if you watched the trailer and thought “I’m not sure, I want to see it and see what happens”, or if you skipped the trailer entirely, you can skip this review too and just read the “no spoilers” version instead.

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Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy Review (SPOILERS): The Big Historical Action Epic For People Who Like Big Historical Action Epics!

This is an interesting movie, partly because the plot goes here and there and everywhere. I’m gonna spoil it in this post, but I can’t possibly cover every plot twist, so even if you read the spoilers, the movie will still surprise you. If you want to be completely surprised, you can read this no spoilers post instead.

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Eega/Eecha/Makhi/Naan Ee: How Does This Movie Work? And Yet, It Does!!!

I heard about Eega right when it first came out, and I thought “how can this possibly be a hit?  Not only is it kind of illogical on the face of it, it’s also super sad!”  And then I watched it, and it totally works!

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