Hindi Film 101: A History of T-Series, the World’s Most Popular YouTube Channel

I just saw a little news article about Bhushan Kumar being facilitated for having the most popular channel on youtube.  Which I thought must mean “youtube in India”.  But, nope!  In the entire global youtube market, T-Series has the most viewers.  By several million. And it has the second most subscribers, on track to become the most subscribed within months.  How did we get here?  How did an Indian music and movie company become the most popular video streaming channel in the world?

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Tumhari Sulu Review (No SPOILERS): Vidya Balan Makes Us Fall in Love With Her Again

What a nice movie!  Good people working together to figure out how to make their lives better.  Well, how to make Vidya Balan’s life better, because she is the one who counts.

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The Most Romantic Part of Sanam Re is the Release Strategy

Bollywoodhungama, once again satisfying the industry nerd within me, has come through with some interesting figures related to the two big Valentine’s releases.  As expected, Ghayal Once Again and Sanam Teri Kasam both flat-lined last weekend, which should mean there is nothing standing in the way of a massive all-India hit with Fitoor.  Only, late-breaking news shows that there is another player in the game, and he is coming in hard.

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