Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar Review (SPOILERS): What’s Up With That End Credits Song?

This is a really REALLY good script. Not the usual “obstacle, overcome, obstacle” sort of script, more a free floating series of events tied together by a central character conflict. And the character conflict is REAL. It’s not a “stupid people plot” reason, it’s a real life thing that is a real life problem. Until the end credits song which doesn’t even seem to fit with the depth of the rest of the film.

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Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar Review (No Spoilers): Yet Another Luv Ranjan Feminist Fable! He’s the BEST!!!

I’m worried people will read that headline and think it’s sarcastic. It’s not! Luv Ranjan is like Chuck Lorre in that it is cool to dismiss their work, but if you actually objectively watch it, they are the opposite of what everyone says about them.

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