Bahubali 2 Scene By Scene Part 19: Oh Kattappa!

Happy second to last “sad part”.  Thank goodness I got to take a break in the middle for our weekly TGIF post.  Otherwise this would have been much too hard to get through. (Last part of the scene by scene is here, you can crawl back through the archives from there).  I’m going to try to put up the final “sad part” later this evening, and then you can all talk about it all weekend.

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Bahubali 2 Part 7 Scene By Scene (SPOILERS): Things Start To Go Terribly Wrong

Welcome back!  Here we are, part 7.  Where thing start to get sad and scary.  The last time I saw it, I was surrounded by sobbing children for basically the whole middle hour.  Lot’s of “Daddy, no!  Why are they doing that?  I don’t like this.”  Let’s see if I can get through it without getting sad myself! (last part here, you can go back from there)

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