NRI Week: Ivide, An American Family Story

This is such a fascinating wonderful movie, so many themes woven into it, and no easy answers. And tragically, it is impossible to find with subtitles. Looks like it might be available through WorldCat (the extreme University version of inter-library loan) and on the UK, India, and Australia amazon on DVD. And also, Movie Time Video, the wonderful New Jersey store that offers rent-by-mail. So if you live in one of those three countries, or have access to WorldCat, or a rental account with NJMT, you can watch it! Otherwise, you can struggle along with the Einthusan no-subtitles version. Thankfully a lot of the dialogue is English, so you might be able to make it work.

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Discussion Post: Who Are the Most Feminist Actresses in India?

Thanks to Alisa/Bollywood Newbie for the idea!  I always think it is good to give positive feedback, so let’s talk about what actresses we admire most for what they have done for women.  Maybe it will just be me and Alisa going back and forth, but we’ll have a good time and that is good enough.

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Ivide: What Makes Someone Indian, What Makes them American, and What Makes Them Both?

This movie is about a lot of different things, but what leaps out at me is they way it handled the hero’s childhood adoption into an American family.  It managed the difficult task of avoiding any easy answers, acknowledging the challenges of the situation without blaming anyone for them.

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