Hindi Film 101: Vocabulary Post, Misogyny Versus Objectification Versus Patriarchy

I’ll use film examples to make this Indian film related, but really just think of this as an extended dictionary post.  I use these words a lot, and other film writers do to, but I’ve never really defined them for you.

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Monday Malayalam: Zachariayude Garbhinikal, Misogyny is Alive and Well in God’s Own Country

Well, this is depressing!  I went for a new film, with Rima Kallingal, thinking I would be safe from that horrible strain of really gross misogyny that runs through Malayalam films.  But, no!  Still there!  Even in a film from 2014 with one of the strongest actresses working today.

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22 Female Kottayam: Still Managed to Surprise Me, Even Knowing the Whole Plot in Advance

I’ve been doing the Sultan recap for days now, and it is such a manly movie.  Not to say it doesn’t have really good female characters, it does, but over all it is about our male main character and how he interacts with other men.  So I am going to take a break and look at a Malayalam movie which as all about women.

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