The Longest and Most Important Post I Ever Wrote: Which Man Looks Best in Blue Jeans?

I think this is my longest TGIF post ever. And it also includes a complex and objective rating system, that you can feel free to disagree with, modify, or use for your own ratings in the comments. But my hope is that it is the perfect post to secretly scroll through on your phone during a stressful family dinner. Oh, and I know this should be updated and new people added, and some photos refreshed and so on, but the good John photos are still here and that’s what really matters.

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TGIT Post RePost: An Important Question to Consider on this Thanksgiving Week-What Indian Man Looks Best in Blue Jeans? SRK or Salman or Maddy or John?

I put up a deep philosophical post about the Ramayan this morning.  But enough of that!  There are more important things to think about!  And so I am re-posting my massive carefully considered and in depth discussion of which Indian man looks best in blue jeans.  Answer: Probably either Maddy or John Abraham.

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