Thursday Telugu: Dear Comrade, My Favorite New Telugu Romance

This is such a dumb dumb movie. But dumb in a particular way that I think a lot of you reading this might enjoy, so I keep encouraging you to watch it!

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Upcoming Movie Reviews: Peranbu, Dear Comrade, TaRaRumPumPum, Bharat (all on Prime)

A mixed bag of movies for next week! A Malayalam film I haven’t seen and will probably admire, a Telugu film I have seen and greatly enjoyed which is now on Prime and you should check it out, my least favorite film of all time, and a movie I enjoyed more than expected which also just hit streaming.

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Global Box Office: Not Enough Pieces of the Global Pie

Remember when I used to have fun pun titles? I miss that! I couldn’t even come up with something witty related to Judgemental Hai Kya, and it feels like I should have been able to manage SOMETHING. Oh well. As always, figures from bollywoodhungama

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