TGIF: Who Looks Best in Fancy Tax Collector Pants?

Thank you Filmilibrarian for this term/idea! By “fancy tax collector pants”, I mean the pants that Ajay wore in Raid, which were the standard office worker slacks, only very very very VERY well fitted.

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Tuesday Telugu: Arjun Reddy (SPOILERS), Is Paro Feeling Devdas’ Pain, or Is it the Other Way Around?

This is is a movie that rewards viewing whether or not you know what happens, so feel free to read this, if it is the kind of film you would enjoy, knowing what happens in advance won’t change much.  And as I said in my last No SPOILERS review, the true brilliance of the film is in the story structure, so you can’t fully understand why it is remarkable without knowing that.

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Tuesday Telugu: Arjun Reddy (no spoilers) Let’s Applaud it for What it Is, Not What it Isn’t

My real review, which discusses all the ways this film is remarkable, is going to be the next one, the SPOILERS one.  Because without getting into specific plot spoilers, there really isn’t all that remarkable about it.  The content of this film has been more or less done before.  It is the release (mainstream in the Telugu market) that is unusual. (spoilers review here)

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