Happy Shahid Day! Dil Maange More, on Netflix So You Can Celebrate With Me!

Shahid doesn’t really deserve a “day”, but my weekend is INSANELY busy this week, so I can’t write anything new, and his birthday is tomorrow, so it seemed appropriate to add him to my actor’s index list.  Heck, maybe now that Padmavat has taken off, he will finally reach the top of the industry and have the career he always promised to have but never quite achieved.

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Dil Maange More: My Heart Wants More Films Like This!!!!

This is a perfect little light movie to watch on a Saturday morning while folding laundry.  Doesn’t really deserve a Friday Classics review, but I can’t help sharing my joy in watching it!  Especially since it is on Netflix now, so the vast majority of you can watch it too.

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