Bahubali 2 Speculative Post: Our Lovers Meet!

I wrote two fanfic posts on Bahubali, and in both of them I ended up giving Anushka and Prabhas a daughter, Anushka 2.  Who has all the confidence of her mother with the fierce sense of duty and justice of her father.  And then I kind of fell in love with her character, and ended up starting a fanfic for her and Rana 2 (the illegitimate nephew I decided to give Rana).  You can read part 1 here.

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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Full Summary!!! Part 1 of ?

I’m just assuming this is going to turn into multiple parts.  Shivaay I’m going to knock out in one looooooooooong post, but this movie is a lot more interesting than that one.  If you aren’t down for a detailed shot by shot moment by moment discussion, you can check out my quick spoiler review and No Spoilers review I already wrote for ADHM.

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