Month of SRK: 25 Shahrukh Things That Make Me Smile

I’m grumpy today, possibly because I made my own coffee this morning and I am bad at it and now I have caffeine poisoning and am angry. Anyway, I am going to take a break from being grumpy and instead look at 25 Shahrukh things (images, gifs, songs, quotes) that make me smile. It’s a highly technical and selective post, obviously 🙂

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TGIF: As the Weather Turns Colder, Which of These is the COLDEST Moments? And, Bonus, Which is Hottest?

Yes, I am still doing temperature gifs. So sue me, they are fun and I’m just now coming out the otherside of my cold. Nice thing is, I made one of my co-workers sick so I got to see it from the outside and OH MY GOSH. She is like death warmed over, and she is 7 years younger than me. I sent her home after she had to curl up and sleep on the chair in my office for a bit. So, I wasn’t being a malingerer, this cold is legitimately deadly. And that is enough reason for me to keep doing silly posts.

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