Directors Week: K. Balachander, Father of Tamil Cinema

Yaaaay, a classic director! Better than that, a classic director whose films are readily available online (thank you Rajshri Tamil official youtube channel, blessings on you and long may you reign).

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Combined Birthday Post: All the Brilliant Artists of Indian Film Were Born Today, Sanjeev Kumar, Guru Dutt, and K. Balachander

This is one of those cool coincidences.  The two brilliant directors of Indian film, one from Bombay and one from the south, were born exactly 5 years apart to the day.  There is something special about July 9th.  And, just to put the cherry on top, one of the most brilliant actors in Hindi film history was also born on July 9th.

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Moondru Mudichu: Rajnikanth and Sridevi’s First Lead roles!

Is that right?  That’s what Wikipedia says, that they had both acted before (in child roles for Sridevi, and in smaller parts for Rajnikanth), but this was the first movie for both in which they were lead characters.  Which is UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Not just because they are so good, but because they are already so uniquely themselves, the personalities and personas familiar to me now, 40 years later.

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