Combined Birthday Post: All the Brilliant Artists of Indian Film Were Born Today, Sanjeev Kumar, Guru Dutt, and K. Balachander

This is one of those cool coincidences.  The two brilliant directors of Indian film, one from Bombay and one from the south, were born exactly 5 years apart to the day.  There is something special about July 9th.  And, just to put the cherry on top, one of the most brilliant actors in Hindi film history was also born on July 9th.

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Soothing Songs Post to Cool Us All Down

Hello!  Two comments sections got mildly heated this morning (well, heated for this website where everything is generally at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so going up to even 45 feels hot), so I want to put up a nice soothing post to calm us all down.  Mostly calm me down, because I hate replying to/reading semi-heated comments!  And also it’s Monday morning and my office is maybe the busiest it has been in 2 months.

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Classics Friday: An Experiment! That Will Start With Pyaasa

On the Monday Questions post, a couple of people asked me why I don’t write more about classic films.  Well, it’s because no one reads those posts!  Not a big mystery.  People want to read spoilers for new movies in theaters, and news items that mention Shahrukh Khan.  If this blog was called “what Shahrukh is doing every minute of every day and also this is the ending of that new movie you saw advertised”, I would be infinitely popular.  But I would also be both bored (not that interesting to just list off plot points in a movie) and exhausted (Shahrukh does a lot of stuff!).  So let’s see if I can manage to put in one more post topic that is just for me, and no one will read, but I will enjoy writing.

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