Combined Birthday Post: All the Brilliant Artists of Indian Film Were Born Today, Sanjeev Kumar, Guru Dutt, and K. Balachander

This is one of those cool coincidences.  The two brilliant directors of Indian film, one from Bombay and one from the south, were born exactly 5 years apart to the day.  There is something special about July 9th.  And, just to put the cherry on top, one of the most brilliant actors in Hindi film history was also born on July 9th.

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Tuesday Tamil: Iru Kodugal, I watch a Gemini Genesan Movie!

I’m back to K. Balachander!  He is just so great.  And available on Rajshri Tamil on youtube.  And I have also now seen a Gemini Ganesan movie!  Which was super distracting, because it was kind of a little bit about his real life and I have no idea if that was on purpose or not.  Was his real life situation with multiple wives so well known that it would make sense to bring that into one of his movies?

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Thursday Tamil: Major Chandrakanth (Not the NTR One, the Other One)

Well, this was depressing!  And shockingly coincidental.  I am beginning to suspect that the K. Balachander fictional universe only contains about 200 people, which would explain why so many characters end up having surprising connections to other characters previously introduced.

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