Wednesday Malayalam: Mumbai Police (ALL SPOILERS), For Pride

I give up, I can’t review this movie without SOME spoilers. So there will be about 3 paragraphs of no-spoilers, and then it’s going straight into spoilers. And this is the kind of twisty plot that you are really cheating yourself if you spoil it in advance. DON’T READ THIS REVIEW, is what I am saying. Not unless you have already seen the film.

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News Round-Up: Family Feud Starting, New Teaser with Siddharth and Katrina, and Dishoom continues to puzzle me

Finally!  A juicy story involving family connections and possible repercussions through out the industry!  I mean, most likely it will all blow over in a couple of days, but at least it is exciting while it lasts!

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Mumbai Police: Did Not See That Coming!

Such a surprisingly good movie!  Okay, that sounds insulting to police films.  Such a surprisingly different movie!  It looks like the standard police film, everyone has a mustache and the title is even “Mumbai Police“.  But then, right away, it’s clear that it really really isn’t.

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