2009 Week: The Most Important Malayalam Film of the Year, Ritu

What an interesting movie!  I read that it is supposed to be the start of the new age films, but it actually reminded me a lot more of Aalkkoottathil Thaniye.  And other films I’ve seen from that classic 90s/late 80s era.

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Wednesday Malayalam: Nayakan, Pellissery’s First Film, It’s All About the Faces

Woo, I only have one Pellissery film left to watch! And also, booo I only have one Pellissery film left to watch. I will be so sad when it is over.

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Wednesday Malayalam: Uyare, Why the Best Women Get Attacked

Well, this was an uneven movie! As a movie as a whole, it wasn’t perfect. But there were certain sections that were perfect. And, you know, trigger warning for people who are worn out dealing with gender issues. You can read the review and have a helpful supportive discussion here, but maybe don’t force yourself to watch the movie? Put it in the Article 15 pile.

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Wednesday Malayalam: Mumbai Police (ALL SPOILERS), For Pride

I give up, I can’t review this movie without SOME spoilers. So there will be about 3 paragraphs of no-spoilers, and then it’s going straight into spoilers. And this is the kind of twisty plot that you are really cheating yourself if you spoil it in advance. DON’T READ THIS REVIEW, is what I am saying. Not unless you have already seen the film.

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Wednesday Malayalam: Sakhavu, for May Day

I finally watched it! Ages after it came out. For those of you who like Communists/Communism, this is a great movie for gently explaining the importance of collective action. For those of you who like “cuddly” type men (you know who you are!), this is a great movie for giving you nice sofa like Nivin striding around with his big arms and trunk.

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Friday Malayalam: Joseph, A Story of a Life and How it Ends

Despite einthusan’s best efforts to foil me, I did in fact manage to start and finish this movie. And it only took me 5 days of trying! To be fair to einthusan, it is also the fault of my consistently weak internet. It can handle the fancy well-designed streaming sites, but einthusan puts it under a bit of a strain.

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Monday Malayalam: Kumbalangi Nights, The Freedom of the Outcasts

I saw it! Thanks to all of you telling me I had to! And there are some truly beautiful moments. But it’s also very Malayalam, isn’t it? Any other film industry, this would be a tragic gritty story. Malayalam industry, it’s feel good!

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Wednesday Malayalam: Aravindante Athidhikal, The Power of the Mother

A nice pleasant not terribly challenging movie. Which somehow is what I always expect from Vineeth Sreenivisan starring movies. And a very nice movie to think about and maybe watch as we all worry about Sreenivisan in the hospital.

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