Tuesday Tamil: Thuppakki, I Finally “Get” Vijay!!!!

I am finally on schedule again!  Ha-Ha!!!!  And if I manage to watch and write over the Thanksgiving break (along with re-organizing my kitchen), I might actually get ahead!  I could start 2018 with all my decks clear, fully blog-ready!  Or I will get super behind and put up a bunch of reposted posts and almost forget Salman’s birthday again.  Oh well, it’s his own fault for being born the day after Christmas.

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Spyder Review (SPOILERS): Closing the Technical Gap

What a great experience for my first Mahesh Babu film in theaters!  Not a great theater experience exactly (I was alone in there), but a great film to experience on the big screen, and to spend 3 hours of my life totally focused on watching. (No spoilers review here)

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