Wednesday Malayalam: English: An Autumn in London, Life is Full of Little Hidden Tragedies

Well, this was a downer!  Same director as Ritu and Ivide, and like them, it ends with a sort of “life will never be perfect, but it is good enough” attitude.

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Monday Malayalam: Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu, The Safety of Denial

Look, I watched an actual good movie!  A classic even. It just took all of you listing off the good movies for me on HotStar so I could avoid their gosh awful search function and go directly to what I wanted.

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Attarintiki Daredi: Nadhiya Continues to be the Best

I saw Nadhiya before in Mirchi, and was stunned by how the “mother” actress was so much more beautiful and interesting than the love interests.  That is even more true in this film, to the point that it is almost acknowledged in the script, that Pawan Kalyan was more interested in bringing his aunt home, than in spending time with her daughter who he professed to be in love with.

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