Sushant Singh Rajput, A Person Whose Story Ended Too Soon

What a sad thing. What a very sad thing. The death of a young person is always sad, but when they take their own life, there is a special quality of tragedy to it. To see all that promise and hope from the outside, and know they were blind to it from within their own misery.

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RIP Shammi, The Most Lovable Old Auntie

This was a thing to wake up to!  And I had just mentioned her in a Sridevi post as someone who was still hale and healthy and going strong.  Now I am worried about accidentally cursing her!  Although she would probably forgive me, she seemed like someone who would just laugh off any problem or insult and keep going her own way.

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Sridevi Final Post: Putting It All Together

This is partly because there are some friends in real life who are asking me to explain what happened, and partly because I feel the need to sort of write it out like a story for myself.  And partly because this will be the last Sridevi news type post (probably.  Unless something big changes), I don’t want to keep chewing away for ever, I want to sum it up one last time and move on to remembering her life, not her death. (previous as it happened posts here and here and here and here and here and here and here)

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Bahubali 2 Scene By Scene Part 20: The Last Sad Bit! Chekhov’s Bow is Fired

Phew!  We are almost to the return to the present day and the cathartic battle scenes!  But first, the last bit of sad.  And a subtle call back to something way way way way way back at the beginning of the film (part 19 here, you can crawl back from there)

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Bahubali 2 Scene By Scene Part 18: A Short Sad Stab

Welcome back!  I decided I wanted to get all the sad parts over with as quickly as possible.  So sad part part 1 was a few hours ago, now sad part part 2, and sad part part 3 will be going up in a bit.  And then, thank goodness, we just have the big old battle to deal with!  Which might wait until Monday, seems like you should all have enough to talk about with these three posts over the weekend.

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Bahubali 2 Scene By Scene Part 17: The Sun Rises in the West

That was the line, wasn’t it?  To get Ramya to change would be like getting the sun to rise in the West?  Well, it happens here!  And it is so sad, that I am going to be getting through this section considerably faster than the previous parts, just to get it over with. (part 16 here, you can go back from there)

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Vinod Khanna Death Reverberations

Sincerely, one of my favorite things about the Indian film industry is how it handles death.  America is terrible with death in general, we hardly like to even acknowledge it, and we never let it interfere with “business”.  But Indian film (and maybe India in general, it’s outside my area) treats it with the respect it deserves.  And so when a great figure goes, the effect isn’t limited to tweets and articles in the newspaper, it has reverberations beyond that.

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Hindi Film 101: RIP Vinod Khanna! One of the First 70s Heroes to Leave Us

This is not my first post on Vinod, for additional background you can look at his birthday post from last year here, and my post on his involvement with Osho here.  And my review of his Chandni here, and Parampara here.  But moimeme just informed me that he passed away this morning, so I felt like I should do a special post explaining why he was important and why this death matters.

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Guide Part 3: The Actual Film, the Ending, and Dev Anand

Guide part 3!  This is what happens when I write about Great Movies, I just go on and on and don’t know how to stop (16 parts into DDLJ, by the way, and not even to intermission). But I am going to be firm with myself this time and try to keep it down to just 3 parts.  Especially because, unlike DDLJ, this isn’t a movie all my readers will necessarily have seen. (part 1 gives no plot details of the film, just background on the pre-production, part 2 starts with a general discussion of the style and techniques of the film before getting into plot.  Read them both before you read this, because I will be referring back!)

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RIP Om Puri: I Am Conflicted About Your Personal Life, But Okay With You As an Actor

I just got a panicked text from a friend “Om Puri died?!?!?”  And then another text with every emoticon available.  Which is kind of how I feel.  Confused, sad, angry, unsure.  I liked a lot of Om Puri’s characters, and he was a good actor.  But his personal life was confusing and unpleasant in a way that kind of affected his characters for me.

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(SRKajol rewatch) Baazigar! Full Movie, All Summarized, Right Here! Obviously, Spoilers: Part 4

I am going off DVD!  The last few sections I had it at hand, just in case I needed to review certain scenes as needed, but now I am at work and it would probably be a little obvious!  So, going entirely off memory (unless I make a huge mistake, in which case I will just double-check it once I get home).


(part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, part 6 here, part 7 here, part 8 here and bullet point version here)

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Sadhanaji! Obituary

I though about not posting this today, because it is Christmas, but then I thought a little more, and I realized it isn’t really a sad post at all. Sadhana passed away yesterday, which I learned through Aamir Khan’s twitter.  I have no idea how he found out.  Spies at the hospital?

Anyway, Sadhana sounds like a nice lady who had a pretty nice life, and then died.  Which is a pretty nice epitaph!

(If you feel the need to honor her by watching one of her films, I highly recommend Waqt.  It is very cheerful and Christmas appropriate, lots of family values.)

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