NRI Week: Neal ‘N Nikki, Don’t Be Fooled By the Surface, NRIs still want Love and Romance

Such a bad/good movie! I forgot about it when I posted the schedule for the week, but that was kind of good. I don’t necessarily want to encourage people to watch this movie. But if you already watched it and liked it, here is a reminder of why you liked it. And I forgot, this review is also HILARIOUS. So if you like reading me lovingly taking down a bad movie, you should read this.

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Fun Vacation Post! Songs With English Language Bits That I Secretly Love

I’m not the only one who secretly loves English language song breaks, right? As an English speaker, I can actually sing them! Which is great. But on the other hand, feeling the need for an English language song break usually indicates that the song itself is not that great.

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