NRI Week: Neal ‘N Nikki, Don’t Be Fooled By the Surface, NRIs still want Love and Romance

Such a bad/good movie! I forgot about it when I posted the schedule for the week, but that was kind of good. I don’t necessarily want to encourage people to watch this movie. But if you already watched it and liked it, here is a reminder of why you liked it. And I forgot, this review is also HILARIOUS. So if you like reading me lovingly taking down a bad movie, you should read this.

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Silly Sunday ReRun: Sister Movies! For My Sister’s Birthday Week! Kareena-Karisma, Kajol-Tanisha, Romance and Action!

I forgot about this post! It is pretty old, and quite good. So I am hopeful those of you who read it won’t mind reading it again, and those of you who haven’t are in for a treat!

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