Hindi Film 101: Politics and Film, Politics and Hatred, and Padmavati

Well, the Padmavati issue has taken a slightly different turn, the release is actually delayed.  I haven’t seen that with a big Hindi film recently, although I know it has happened before, both in Hindi and other language industries.  And the delay and some other comments indicate that this is beginning to move into a different category, politics and violence.  Which means you are all going to get mad at me again when I try to address it, and I may lose a few more readers (well, a lot of readers).  And get a fair amount of notice by trolls and hate groups (don’t worry, I will block most of them).  But I also feel a bit of an obligation to address it.  And this is the toned down version, my original post was a lot angrier.

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Toilet Ek Prem Katha Review (SPOILERS): Ignores the Obvious Villain

Well, I’ve been putting this off, because I didn’t have much to say.  And also because a got a nice string of abuse on my no-spoilers review.  Which is why I am a little mad at this movie.  Because it’s leaving me open for abuse!  Being so political that I can’t avoid commenting on the politics, even though I want to run a nice film analysis blog that only deals with social issues in generalities, not specifics.  And clearly it is political, because there are angry people looking for me to say bad things about it.  Oh well, I’ll spoil it for you all anyway, and maybe someone will leave a nice comment on this one.

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Bahubali 2 Scene By Scene Summary Part 11: It All Gets Very Bad

This is the section of the movie it is kind of hard for me to write about because it is TOO SAD.  And also, too real.  Which is a sign of what a good film this is, it’s set in a fantastical setting with swords and elephants and so on, but it manages to get right at human emotions I recognize. (part 10 here, you can go backwards from there.)

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