Thinky Post: Toxic Men, Love Scams, Gaslighting, and Why Ladies vs Ricky Bahl Should Not Exist. Also, Ranbir. And Vanderpump Rules.

I don’t care that no one else cares! I am going to write a post for my own satisfaction about the Vanderpump Rules drama, and then loosely tie it in to universal social ideas, Indian film, and hating Ranbir Kapoor (all our favorite things).

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Wild Rumors about High Profile Break-Ups

So much gossip this week about break-ups!  I don’t believe basically any of it, but I still think it is worth talking about because of how it is reported and why it is reported and what that means socially/industrially.

(yes, I will be tying it all together with Raajkumar in Pakeezah as shown in the header image)

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