Alia Week: Shaandaar, a Movie in Which a Problem is Invented in Order to Avoid Facing the Real Issues

Oh dear. I know this is a movie that a lot of you really like. And I’m sorry, but I just don’t. So either you will read this review and be convinced and then I will have taken something pleasurable away from your life. Or you will read this review and disagree with me, and then we will be in a fight, and I don’t like that either. There’s really no way to win here, and I hate it! Well, I suppose I could lie and only say nice things about the movie, but that’s never gonna happen. I have to be honest and mean and make you unhappy. Shoot. Just, don’t read the review. Really, don’t, not if you love this movie and it will make you unhappy to read someone who doesn’t.

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Mirzya Review (NO SPOILERS!): Like Fitoor, But Good

Fitoor is certainly the biggest flop of 2016 for the Hindi industry, if not of all time, and may have actually brought about the downfall of an entire studio.  So it seems insulting to compare another film to it, but I didn’t actually mean it as an insult.  Well, not an insult to Mirzya.  I always mean to insult Fitoor, because that is a terrible terrible movie.

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