Hindi Film 101: #MeToo and the Responsibility of the Court of Public Opinion

This is a very long post with a lot of big thoughts and some specific examples but even if you don’t read the whole post, you should read this new rule I am instituting for #MeToo related comments: IF YOU ARE COMMENTING HERE ABOUT A #METOO STORY, YOU MUST INCLUDE A LINK BACK TO THE ORIGINAL DETAILED REPORT, OR SUMMARIZE IT FOR US.  YOU CANNOT SIMPLY GIVE A NAME WITH NO CONTEXT. If you forget, I will find the link and summarize it in a reply.  But I’ll only do that three times before I start just not printing your comments, so please try to remember.

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News Round-Up/Hindi Film 101: #MeToo in Hindi Film, From All the Angles, Nawazuddin to Nana to Vikas Bahl and How Anurag Kashyap and Shahrukh Khan React to Them

Still no big big exciting stories, but some interesting things today, worthy of discussion.  Some more than others, but all worth reporting.

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