Bahubali Speculative Post Part 3: Our Lovers Separate

On the Monday Questions post, I was talking about fanfic, and how I think it’s especially common with Bahubali because this world is so rich.  There are so many characters who just show up for a scene or two and their story isn’t fully finished or ended, so many settings that we don’t explore entirely, so many possibilities for the future that are left unknown.  Anyway, that’s what it is for me.  And one of those possibilities that I explored in both of my original fanfics was “Anushka 2”, the daughter of Anushka 1 and Prabhas 1, if Prabhas 1 had lived after Prabhas 2 had been born.  And now I have become obsessed with her love story with Rana 2 (Rana’s illegitimate nephew by way of his father’s mistress’ daughter) (full index of all Bahubali posts, including fanfics, here)

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