Dus: Not a Lot To Say About It, But MAN! This is SUCH a Fun Movie!!!!

I was looking for movie-to-have-on-in-the-background-while-unpacking, and Netflix reminded me that it has Dus now (for full list of all Indian movies on Netflix, check out accessbollywood.net here; for my opinion and recommendations of Indian movies on Netflix look at my post here).  And I am so glad I was reminded!  It really is the perfect movie.  In a very particular category of movie.

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Happy Birthday Vishal! A Dozen Reasons I Love You, 1 for Every Note on the Scale!

I don’t always do birthday posts for behind the scene people, but I really like Vishal!  I saw him live, but even before that, he had written some of my favorite songs.

UPDATE: Now that I know the Indian scale has 16 notes, I’m going to squeeze in 4 more reasons!  It isn’t hard to find them

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Jhankaar Beats: How Is This Movie Better Now Than it Was in 2003?

I last saw this movie right after it came out, and it was soooooooooooo good that I never felt the need to watch it again for another 10 years.  I remembered it so perfectly, after one viewing, because it was so clever and charming and unusual, that I didn’t really need to see it again, I could just play it over in my head.  But then I started to wonder, could it really be as good as I remembered?  And the answer is “No!  It’s even better!”

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