Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Put Up a TREE!!!!!

Happy Saturday! We got through family Thanksgiving, and then second Thanksgiving, and now all I have to do is go get a massage (scheduled a month ago, because I am smart) and then have a friend over to help put up my tree and eat leftover pie. SO MUCH PIE.

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2020 Awards: Most Worthless Streaming Reality Show, Bollywood Wives, What The Love, Indian Matchmaking

Yes, we are rewarding streaming shows! And reality shows! Both new categories! I have never dealt with them before, because they are DUMB. But for 2020, let us reward things for being very dumb and brainless and generally worthless.

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Bollywood Wives! Things I Want to Talk To You About!!!!

My goodness, this is a dumb show! SUCH A DUMB SHOW! All these people are crazy and none of them have JOBS!!!! We must talk. Also, I feel very awkward because it is so mean to be talking about these real people. But they put themselves on the show, right? So it’s okay?

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