Tuesday Tamil: Velaiilla Pattadhari, Dhanush Explains Why I Started a Blog

Well, I finally watched VIP!  Because I really really wanted to watch that teaser with Kajol, and I decided I couldn’t let myself watch it until I saw the first movie.  Anyway, it is just as good as you all said it would be!  And the plot and themes and stuff hold together a lot better than it appeared from the Wikipedia synopsis.

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Monday Malayalam: Shajahanum Pareekuttiyum, What if Movies are Just Conning Us?

This was a kind of interesting film.  Not a great film, maybe not even a good film?  But an interesting one.  Well, interesting in the last twenty minutes.  The set-up for that was a bit of a drag.  But most important (for me), this was a FREE film!  It suddenly popped up at my library, while I was in the middle of the move (DVDs finally unpacked as of this morning, but books still in boxes), and I had to watch library DVDs.  So it was perfect for me.

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Vettai: Madhavan is Just a Big Old Teddy Bear, Isn’t He?

This was such a cute movie!  Everyone was just so nice to each other and supportive and not mean.  Even all the family dynamics that in another movie would be the source of much drama and trauma were just kind of laughed off.  By the movie, but also by the characters.  No lingering resentments or quest for vengeance, just a sort of “well, that’s how they are and that’s fine.” kind of attitude.

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