Monday Malayalam Special: I Was Stuck In Traffic Behind Nivin Pauly!!!!

Last night I went the North American Film Awards, which are essentially the Malayalam IIFAs.  So, the IIFAs without any backup dancers or rehearsals, but with a lot of really detailed eloquent speeches and as much applause for the directors as their was for the stars.  And in a theater which is about the same size as a high school auditorium, and wasn’t even sold out.  But that’s not important, what’s important is I got stuck trying to get out of the parking lot because I was blocked in by NIVIN PAULY!!!!

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Monday Malayalam: Ramante Edanthottam! A Love Story That Takes a Twist

Isn’t this amazing, that there is a whole Indian genre of “women escaping relationships that aren’t terrible, but aren’t what they deserve”?  I watched this movie and could compare it with Queen, English/Vinglish, How Old Are You?, and plenty of others.  But this film has a twist, this film ends with the “unthinkable” actually happening.

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Monday Malayalam: Shajahanum Pareekuttiyum, What if Movies are Just Conning Us?

This was a kind of interesting film.  Not a great film, maybe not even a good film?  But an interesting one.  Well, interesting in the last twenty minutes.  The set-up for that was a bit of a drag.  But most important (for me), this was a FREE film!  It suddenly popped up at my library, while I was in the middle of the move (DVDs finally unpacked as of this morning, but books still in boxes), and I had to watch library DVDs.  So it was perfect for me.

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