It’s Anupama Chopra’s Birthday, What Are Our Feelings About Her? Let It All Out

I feel like DCIB as a whole has Feelings on this topic. More Feelings than is, necessarily, logical and expected when talking about a film reviewer/writer. But that is why we come together, to share our Feelings-with-a-capital-F about topics that really make no sense to have feelings about.

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Film Companion Publishes Homophobic Article

Urgh, I hate responding to stuff! It’s always so mean, picking apart some other writer’s words. But in this case, it is hate speech that has been given a platform by a site I respect and which I know many of you read, so I feel a moral obligation to discuss it. (thank you for the link Alisa! Otherwise I would have remained ignorant/the article would not get the response it requires)

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Anupama Takes a Look at Dharma Productions: The Arrival of the “D-Girls” in India!

T.J Stevens posted on last week’s Wednesday Watching post a video from Anupama Chopra’s “Film Companion” series, which was really interesting!  So interesting that it is too much to talk about in a post comment.  And yet possibly slightly too little to talk about in a post.  We will see!

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