Hindi Film 101: Weddings! Sangeet, Mehendi, Whole Thing

I realized watching Made in Heaven that there are a lot of cultural bits of weddings that it is just assumed the viewer knows for most films, instead of having them explained. But why not explain them? Not for my desis, you already know this stuff and more, but for my non-desis who might be struggling a bit to figure out what makes a “Sangeet” different from the actually wedding.

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Hindi Film 101: Red Chillies and a New Way of Reaching the Overseas Audience

This is fun! Kind of a “state of the studio” post, looking at where Red Chillies came from and where it is now, post the release of Badla.

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Hindi Films 101: Kapoors Part IV, Rishi and Neetu

2 weeks into my new series, and I am getting decent views and comments.  Yay!  I will tentatively continue.  In case you are new to this, the idea is that if you didn’t grow up surrounded by Hindi film, it can be hard to learn all the things that small children in India just know by osmosis.  And so I am giving you a little “101” course on the things you need to learn.  Kind of a follow up on the basic grounding I gave in my book. (part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here)  Starting with the Kapoors, because where else?

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