Another Internet Thinky Post! When the People Speaking for a Community, Drown Out the Voices of the Actual Community

I just have so much to say about internet dialogue! And the Gunjan Saxena debate that I am listening to second hand thanks to y’all has given me a new thing to think about. Also, once again, NO POLITICS. We have been doing fabulously with productive conversations about communication and internet culture without political specifics, let’s keep that up!

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Sanjay Dutt is Sick, And I Have a Question About the Response to That

Isn’t it nice of Sanju to give me a topic I can use for this little discussion post? We can even talk about him and other similar stories as examples because they are minimally political. And then we can think good things and be wiser better people, which is what we were put here on earth to do.

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