Hindi Film 101: Salman Khan Part 1, Salim Khan the Motherless Boy

I just did my Hindi Film 101 on Katrina, and it got me thinking about Salman and the need to do a series on him, instead of just dancing around the details of his life. So, here is my start! Starting with his father Salim.

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Gully Boy Soundtrack Song By Song, Artists and Background Explained

Emily posted a link to a really interesting article about how the Gully Boy soundtrack was put together by multiple musicians with every song different (article here). That got me to listen to the soundtrack and go “wow, every song IS different!” And that got me to want to write this post, where I go into the musicians behind each song.

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Happy World Poetry Day! Worst to Best Poetry in Hindi Film!

Happy World Poetry Day!  India of course has an amazing poetic tradition in every language.  And for the past 70 years, a lot of the best poets have ended up working in film lyrics.  And also some of the very worst poets.  I’m going to do a quick post giving you a run down of worst to best.  Even if you can’t understand the language, you should be able to tell just from the sound of it that some of these are very very good.  And some are not.

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