Thursday Telugu Review: Magadheera! Ram Charan’s Hair is Soooooooo Pretty

I watched Magadheera last night with a baby, her Grandpa, and her Mom. And we all agreed that Ram Charan’s hair is the best part of the movie. Soooooooooo pretty. Well, I think the baby agreed, she said something like “ba ba ba BAAAA!” when I asked her, and I am taking that for agreement.

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Friday Classics: Singham!!!! A Nice Bright Happy Violent Movie

Well, this movie is just as good as I remembered! Okay, middle bit is kind of confusing and boring, but it only lasts about 20 minutes and then we can move on.

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Thursday Telugu (a lazy one): Mr. Perfect! Based on My Imperfect Memory of It!

Back before I started this blog, instead of writing for you nice people, I wrote long long long epic length emails to friends about movies I had seen.  And since I am completely exhausted this week, we are taking a trip back in time and this is a post based on one of those emails, plus my memories of the film.

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