Allu Arjun Day! Aarya 2, the Ultimate Allu Arjun Movie

Happy Tuesday!  A fun movie to talk about this week, one that was recommended to me ages ago and I am just now getting around to thanks to Moviemavengal reminding me about it. (I know the two films aren’t really related, but if you want to see my review of Aarya 1, it is here)

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Thursday Telugu Review: Magadheera! Ram Charan’s Hair is Soooooooo Pretty

I watched Magadheera last night with a baby, her Grandpa, and her Mom. And we all agreed that Ram Charan’s hair is the best part of the movie. Soooooooooo pretty. Well, I think the baby agreed, she said something like “ba ba ba BAAAA!” when I asked her, and I am taking that for agreement.

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Thursday Telugu (a lazy one): Mr. Perfect! Based on My Imperfect Memory of It!

Back before I started this blog, instead of writing for you nice people, I wrote long long long epic length emails to friends about movies I had seen.  And since I am completely exhausted this week, we are taking a trip back in time and this is a post based on one of those emails, plus my memories of the film.

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